Since its establishment in 1990, Landforms Ltd. has focused on helping residential homeowners, public and private institutions, and municipalities realize their goals of unique and outstanding landscapes and site plans. The diverse span of services that Landforms has to offer are provided by Peter Schiess, a registered landscape architect with over 20 years of professional experience in both design and construction capabilities.

Landforms Ltd, is a result of taking professional and exemplary design techiques and blending them with quality construction practices. We have secured a strong foundation of quality design, construction, and client relations.

Allow us to help you create the reality of exciting land plans and landscapes that will enhance the value and improve the marketability of your real estate.

  • Excellence in Design
  • Attention to client's needs, concerns, and budgets
  • Quality of construction and attention to technical issues
  • Owner involvement through all project phases
  • Ease of blending Design/Build project components
  • Strong presentation and client relations skills